Lianne and Shad

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dino Fun!

This year Sebastian celebrated his 4th birthday! This would be the first birthday in which he was able to invite other kids. Normally birthdays cause a certain level of anxiety for me that I already mentioned in a previous post, but this party was actually fun to plan! He chose a dinosaur theme, much to my relief, which very easy to plan for (I should mention that Seb originally chose a "motorcycle theme" for some reason I will never know but luckily for me, he became strangely fascinated with dinosaurs weeks before his birthday! Good thing- I have know idea where I would find motorcycle decorations!) I ordered dinosaur eggs for a dino egg hunt and dinosaur figurines for the kiddies to paint from Oriental Trading Co. I also picked up some dino themed decorations and a T-Rex pinata from Party City. The cake came from a local bakery in Mebane that was able to do a dino scene with dino candles to top it off. We had quite a houseful as our family, many of our neighbors, and 13 children showed up! Below are the pics. As you can see, the kids had a blast and Sebastian now has more dinosaurs then he knows what to do with!

Sebastian is dino form!

The table was set!
Dino birthday cake.
Dino Grub
The kids painted dino figurinesThe cake was served!
It was obviously a hit!